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HSBCnet is easy to navigate, offering you great flexibility.

HSBCnet is intuitive and easy to navigate, so you can quickly access your organisation’s position – on a day-to-day basis and historically. The new design is easy to navigate while giving you flexibility to customise your dashboard according to your needs.

Access to the latest data and financial information

✓ Monitor real-time activity statuses.

✓ Live foreign exchange (FX) rates – Get Rate - A foreign currency exchange service for cross-border payments which offers the latest foreign exchange rate when you authorise a payment online, allowing you to secure the rate at the time of authorising the payment.

✓ Real-time information on domestic and international accounts.

✓ Create scheduled mobile or email alerts on balances, payments or even service and account access changes.

✓ Through clear, simple screens our Track Payments feature allows you to monitor and track where a payment is and if you need to take further action.

Automated transactions

✓ Schedule range of different payment types for immediate or future-dated processing. Once setup, payments process automatically on a recurring basis by using Standing Instructions feature.

✓ Authorise payments in bulk to send instructions for payments to more than one party at one go.

✓ Set up general or restricted templates to streamline the creation of ad-hoc repetitive payments.

✓ Payment advising — Send comprehensive payment information to your suppliers, business partners, and colleagues.

✓ Access to eStatements on your deposits, loan and credit card accounts which can be saved for future reference.

✓ Set up and schedule standard and customized reports that you can download or print in Excel or PDF format.

✓ Scheduled reports can be sent directly to your email.

✓ Submit Stop Cheque instructions without the need to contact our support teams.

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