Credit and lending solutions

Get access to a range of long and short-term loans designed to meet the specific funding requirements of your business. Use our lending and credit solutions to finance capital investments and business growth, and obtain working capital to improve your cash flow, or manage day-to-day expenses more effectively. Our specialists have a wealth of experience customising lending programmes to suit the requirements of all types and sizes of organisations.
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Green Trade Finance

Green Trade Finance is a trade finance facility dedicated to support eligible environmentally sustainable trade activities (e.g., purchase, supply of goods or services) and adhering to the Green Loan Principles (GLPs).
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Everyday transactions should be quick, easy and in one place. But what if they could also be remarkable? HSBCnet doesn’t just make day-to-day transactions quick, simple and intuitive, it brings them all together to give our customers a totally improved and enhanced perspective on their global banking, together with the tools to manage their most complex banking needs.
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