Malta Trade for Growth Fund

Grow your business internationally with our EUR75 million Malta Trade for Growth Fund

Grow your business internationally

Grow your business internationally with our EUR75 million Malta Trade for Growth Fund

Emerging Markets

The emerging markets of Asia and Latin America continue to show strong growth and offer real potential for those companies prepared to expand their horizons when it comes to international business.


With offices on the ground in 60 markets, more than 7,000 relationship managers operating worldwide and 3.2 million commercial customers, we are in a unique position to connect you to potential customers in new markets, provide local insight through people on the ground, and offer the financial support to help you expand globally.

As your business seeks growth opportunities the Malta Trade for Growth Fund can help you make it possible.

Malta Trade for Growth

In 2013, we launched our Malta Trade for Growth initiative to encourage Maltese companies to expand their international business. Through this initiative, we have offered a range of incentives, discounts and resources specifically designed to help local companies bolster their international trade, particularly with emerging markets.

So far, more than 500 companies have made enquiries into Malta Trade for Growth as they look to grow their business overseas and take advantage of incentives such as discounts on foreign currency transactions.

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Malta Trade for Growth Fund

Malta Trade for Growth Fund

In 2014 we launched the first series of Malta Trade for Growth Fund for EUR50 million which was taken up in less than a year. This means that more customers are seeing the advantage of taking their business across borders.

EUR75 million Malta Trade for Growth Fund

Our drive to encourage and support international trade continues and we have now added a EUR75 million fund to the Malta Trade for Growth initiative. Through the Fund companies will be eligible for a discount in pricing if they switch from a traditional overdraft to a structured trade finance product such as export loans or invoice finance.

We are also continually improving the professional service provided by our Relationship Managers, increasing their training so they can best service the needs of customers who are trading internationally or looking to do so.

International trade will be vital to Malta`s future economic growth and through initiatives like Malta Trade Growth, our global connectivity and invaluable market insight, we are best placed to help Maltese companies access opportunities across the globe.

Why Malta?

Promoting Malta to the world

As we look to encourage overseas companies to invest in Malta and take advantage of its unique, strategic location, HSBC has developed two valuable tools

  • an in-depth guide to Doing business in Malta.
  • 'Why Malta?' film.

Both tools will be made available to Maltese companies for them to use as they speak to their business counterparts around the world about the opportunities that Malta offers.

The 12-minute film highlights the attractions of living, working and running a business in Malta, the 'Why Malta' film which is available online, on usb or DVD is an excellent tool to use when talking to potential customers.

'Why Malta?' film

The film is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Chinese.

HSBC Bank Malta CEO Andrew C Beane describes Malta's location as one of the world's largest trade routes, connecting Asia, the Middle East and Europe. He also highlights HSBC's role in supporting Malta's growth and adding value to its economy, as well as using its global connectivity to help companies prosper at home and overseas.

'Why Malta?' focuses on the key attributes that makes Malta such an attractive business location, from its excellent telecommunications and flight connections to Malta's Grand Harbour which lies at the crossroads of some of the world's largest shipping routes.

As HSBC Malta Head of Commercial Banking Michel Cordina explains, HSBC aims to connect customers to opportunities with over 50 relationship managers providing that level of support and insight of the local market. Malta and its strategic location has a huge potential to become a main hub as a logistics, warehousing and distribution centre from where companies can service European and North African markets.

Malta's excellence across a range industries, including financial services, knowledge-based sectors, high-end manufacturing, maritime and aircraft maintenance, is also featured along with its high levels of education and its skilled workforce.

Irina Seylanyan, HSBC Malta Head of Global Markets describes how Malta has rapidly become an International Financial Services Centre. It has benefitted from its membership in the European Union, it enjoys a robust banking sector, it has a sound regulatory framework and economic performance has been remarkably resilient especially through the financial crisis. HSBC shares the government's vision for the financial services sector to become an increasing part of local GDP.

To provide the all-important perspective of a business that has established a presence in Malta and is enjoying everything that the country has to offer, we also hear from David Walsh CEO of IT Solutions provider Crimsonwing.

As a modern, Eurozone country with attractive investment incentives, double tax agreements with major countries and a clear regulatory framework, Malta is an excellent place to do business. The 'Why Malta?' film demonstrates the island's business attributes in a clear, professional manner as well as showcasing its natural beauty and attraction as a great place to live and work.

Promoting Malta to the World DVD

To receive a copy of the multilingual 'Why Malta?' video, click on the button below.

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Why Malta? - English

Malta Trade for Growth Flyer

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