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AquaBioTech Group: Accelerating growth with HSBC's Trade Finance Solutions

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HSBC Malta connects AquaBioTech Group to Europe and beyond

HSBC Malta has been supporting AquaBioTech Group since its inception, nearly 25 years ago. Over the past quarter of a century, the International aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic environmental consulting, testing and development company has grown into a multinational organisation serving clients in more than fifty countries across all continents.

Shane Hunter, the founder and CEO at AquaBioTech Group, said: “Growing an international business is, of course, extremely challenging. Over the years we built capacity and experience, as well as a strong brand, to enable us to tender for global aquaculture projects. ”

But our greatest challenge came when we started winning multiple contracts and that’s when the financial support from HSBC was extremely useful.

In supporting AquaBioTech Group’s growth, the bank provided the business with access to its unique trade finance solutions, delivering financial support in a structured manner. HSBC’s Global Trade and Receivables Finance team developed a bespoke funding solution specifically adapted to AquaBioTech Group’s trade requirements, with a focus on Import/Export financing and project financing. The bank also provided a receivables finance facility which improved liquidity and credit protection giving the company the ability to conduct business anywhere whilst guarding against the impact of late payments and bad debts.

Stefan Bonello, HSBC’s Relationship Manager for AquaBioTech Group commented: “The company had great potential right from the start but needed to build up its equity and asset base.

In this scenario, it was clear that traditional financing did not meet our customer’s requirements and so we used HSBC’s trade finance solutions to map a way forward.

These solutions enabled our client to capture new opportunities and we were able to support the group’s ambitious growth strategy.”

The impact of HSBC’s support was explained by the company’s Chief Financial Officer, David J. Campbell, who said,

For us, HSBC’s support was a complete game-changer, freeing more time and resources for us to dedicate towards running our own business.

What I have found very rewarding in working with HSBC since coming to Malta has been their ability to work through a good team and a good relationship manager to take the bank’s standard packages and tailor those to meet our needs as a business. HSBC have demonstrated that they have the ability to provide solutions to companies with complex international operations and that they are not only partnering with large corporates.”

AquaBioTech Group is now a strong and globally recognised brand within its industry. Currently, the company’s largest division offers design and engineering capabilities for the construction and management of high-tech land-based fish farms all over the world. However, it is still looking to develop new markets and anticipates continued strong growth in the coming years as it continues to build capacity.

George Mantas, Business Development Director at AquaBioTech Group, explains: "As demand from our clients is growing, we need to constantly stay ahead of the market and this means we need to continue investing in the business to further increase our capabilities. We are presently expanding our offices in Malta to enable us to hire another 30 employees and have just completed a major investment in our aquatic research infrastructure. "

Ultimately, because of HSBC Malta, we were able to rapidly grow our business exactly when we needed to. But most of all, their tailor-made business finance solutions enabled us to focus on what is most important - exporting our group’s technology and services around the world.

Malta based companies who wish to learn more about how HSBC Malta can support their international growth through the bank’s international presence are invited to contact their Relationship Manager to discuss the range of trade finance solutions available.

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