Cheque Book Ordering

After logging on to HSBCnet, Cheque Books can be ordered via a message to the HSBCnet message centre.

  • Go to More
  • Click on Message Centre
  • Press on Create
  • Within this next screen complete:
    • Location (choose location of account)
    • Account Number (choose the relevant Account Number)
    • Category (choose Cheque Services)
    • Message type (choose Order Cheque Books)
  • Press Continue
  • Another screen will open to input the following details:
    • Quantity of Books mandatory (choose number from drop down)
    • Additional Details (if required enter free format text in box)
  • Press Continue - an on-screen confirmation will pop up
  • Press Submit

This will order the Cheque book/s which will be delivered by post to the address held on our system.

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